What we do

  • Schools – SSGM, SSBVK

In India, where there are still many areas where children don’t go to school, we aim at empowering, bringing smiles and spirit of celebration to the children from low socio-economic backgrounds by providing free quality education. Today, we have touched more than  58,000 young souls in 435 schools across 20 states of India in the slum, tribal and rural belts where child labor and poverty are widespread.

And this is still just the beginning for us.

Our schools currently function in two formats- Sri Sri Gnan Mandir Schools (SSGM) and Sri Sri Bal Vidya Kendra (SSBVK).

  1. Sri Sri Gnan Mandir Schools (SSGM)

These are schools providing primary and secondary education from LKG to Class X. These schools focus not just on academic growth of the child but also on value based nurturing. There are over xx schools following this format in over 20 states. Aiming at holistic education, a host of extracurricular activities are a core part of these schools’s regime.

  1. Sri Sri Bal Vidya Kendra (SSBVK)

These schools are based on feeder formats. Catering to children of age group 3-5 years, the schools act as agents to channelize children at their very tender ages. The idea is to make impart moral and cultural values at the right time. This 2 hours- 5 Days a week format is gaining popularity among rural Indian parents.

Facilities Provided

We believe a school is not complete without holistic and quality facilities being provided for the students. These facilities not only act as basics to a decent standard of living but also aim to maintain an enabler/motivator for students and parents.

Art of Living Schools

Art of Living Free Schools
Art of Living Free Schools


Our schools offer syllabus accredited by the State Govt. thus allowing children to mainstream into the current educational context. Our students are well equipped to stand at par with their urban counter parts.

Additional to the mainstream education, we focus on building characters of the students by inculcating value-based education.

For the complete mental development of the children, yoga and meditation techniques are also taught in the schools.

Thus, students grow up to a sound Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient and Spiritual Quotient.


Text books for all subjects are provided to students free of cost.


Free school uniforms including shoes,socks and school bags are provided to all students enrolled in our schools.


Free school uniforms including shoes,socks and school bags are provided to all students enrolled in our schools.

Art of Living Free Schools


Special school buses provide free transportation to students in many areas.


Students are given access to well-equipped computer labs which act as their window to access and connect with the outside world.


We understand that both the right brain and left brain needs to be nurtured equally. Hence, we encourage every child to take part in extracurricular activities like dance, drama, sports, debates, literary competitions.

We also provide skills development with vocational training workshops such as tailoring, computers, gardening, etc are also conducted frequently.

The school also undertakes to impart awareness to children about their social responsibilities and human values by conducting tree planting campaigns, vocational training such as tailoring, plumbing, computers, electrical repair, etc.