We believe a schools aren’t not just a place where children learn, it’s a place from where an entire community progresses. There are four pillars instrumental to build a sustainable 360 degree model- students, teachers, parents and the community.

A. Students


Additional to the mainstream education, we focus on building characters of the students by inculcating value-based education.

For the complete mental development of the children, yoga and meditation techniques are also taught in the schools.

Thus, students grow up to a sound Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient and Spiritual Quotient.


At the tender age in which the students join us, it is essential for them to have wholesome and timely meals for their proper mental and physical growth. Our schools provide free, good quality, nutritious mid-day meals to ensure the same.


Another important pillar for a child’s holistic growth is their physical well being and growth. Regular health check up camps are organized in our schools where general checkups, oral care education, dental care education, personal hygiene education are taken care of.


We understand that both the right brain and left brain needs to be nurtured equally. Hence, we encourage every child to take part in extracurricular activities like dance, drama, sports, debates, literary competitions.

We also provide skills development with vocational training workshops such as tailoring, computers, gardening, etc are also conducted frequently.

The school also undertakes to impart awareness to children about their social responsibilities and human values by conducting tree planting campaigns, vocational training such as tailoring, plumbing, computers, electrical repair, etc.

B. Teachers

We understand that to impart holistic education to the children and also be skillful at the same time requires our teachers to be well equipped. Hence, to create the desired impact, teacher training programs are imperative.

Their training modules include tools like yoga, pranyama, meditation amongst other things.

C. Parents

Our schools host a variety of events which engage parents as well. These events include workshops which can help parents deal with their children, manage their time and stress.  Other than this, there are cultural events which parents are invited to, where they can watch their children dance, sing, do art and craft,etc. This also includes regular Parent Teacher Meetings and frequent teacher visits to student families.

D. Community

A holistic development model can be sustained only by community connect and building. Our schools act like centres of community transformation by hosting various camps for learning yoga, meditation, skills development, health and hygience.